How Brands Should Embrace Transparency on the Shelves

WhitePaper: Transparency at the shelf

Brand transparency is more than just green statements and traceable ingredient lists. Modern shoppers are looking for a brand’s position on a host of issues extending from ethics, fair treatment of employees, humane treatment of animals all the way to examining the businesses in the supply chain.

This paper provides manufacturers with a clear path to creating a transparent communication platform that addresses issues that shoppers care about when selecting a brand.

We’ll be covering the following topics:

  • Conducting a Brand Audit as a Foundation for Brand Transparency 
  • Tell a Transparent Brand Story
  • Leveraging Relationships with Your Resources 
  • Transparent Package Design 
  • Building a Social Presence 

Unlike the generations before them, today’s shoppers care more about how a brand behaves, and not how a brand makes them feel about themselves. Authenticity and transparency are essential communication strategies for trusted brands. Start your brand audit now, and your brand truths will shine through at that crucial decision point: on the shelf.